Multiwire brassing lines

Single wire and multiwire lines for electrolytic plating of steel and copper wire

Multiwire brassing lines

For Steelcord-For Saw wire-For Hose wire  

Multiwire brassing lines

Complete lines for wire brassing

The technological positions may have specificities in function of the required technical data of the final product; yet, in general terms these positions are the following ones:

initial cleaning section upstream the heat treatment furnace

heat treatment

wire cooling after heat treatment

electrolytic pickling


electrolytic alkaline coppering

electrolytic acid coppering

electrolytic zincking

diffusion final surface conditioning of the brassed wire

Detail of a line for Steelcord and Saw wire:
Coppering vessel with insoluble anodes for regulating the content of copper in the solution
Line for Steelcord and Saw wire, for wire diameter from 0,82 to 2,20 mm; Line speed: D x V = 80 Plant for processing (2 х 24) х 3 = 148 wires.
Brassing line for Steelcord and Hosewire for 4 х 11 = 44 wires; D x V = 76. The wire processing part is installed on the bridge, while the whole ancillary equipment is installed under the bridge.