Beadwire plants

The multiwire bronzing lines are the plants to plate a part of the wire required to manufacture tyres, namely the bead wire to support the tyre shoulder. The Bead wire bronzing is a chemical plating process. For this reason, a bead wire line may be considered a chemical line. Before entering in the plating section, the wire passes through an electrolytic pickling bath, and after plating it is additionally coated in a coumarone vessel for final product conditioning.

Beadwire line for 2 x 12 wires with diameter 1,78 – 2,10 mm. Line speed – 300 m/min.
Detail of a beadwire line: wire lifter to lift the wires from the bath solution

Detail of a beadwire line: group for temperature regulating the bronzing solution

Hot air drying furnace of a beadwire line
Coppering bath of a beadwire line.

Fume suction system with scrubber of a beadwire line section.