Chemical and electrolytic plants for the industry of metal wire and pipes

The company COSECO has been founded in 1975 by a group of experts in machine building for the field of steel wire production and treatment of industrial waste water and fume.

Right from the beginning in 1975 Coseco focused on the engineering and manufacturing of lines for the chemical and electrolytic treatment of steel wire. The quality of the plants supplied to the industry of steel wire and the skill and high professional reputation of the Coseco people did not remain unnoticed, and soon the company received inquiries for equipment and plants for similar or anyhow linked applications.Today Coseco, along with plants for treating the surface of steel wire,  supplies lines for electrolytic coating of copper wire, plants for continuous pickling of welded tubes in stainless steel, plants for regenerating sulphuric acid, systems and devices for fume suction and washing.